Weekend recap: Disney Princess Half Expo

I really don’t have too much to say about the expo and I am having a hard time getting my thoughts together about this weekend so I figured I would do a 2 part recap. The race recap will most likely be posted tomorrow.

Melissa met me at my hotel (All-Star Sports) where we got on a bus and headed over to the expo. We met up with Andrea and got stuck in a bit of confusion with the lines going into the expo so after waiting in the parking lot for probably 10-15 minutes we headed in. We waited in small lines to get our bibs and then headed to the other side of the room to get our shirts. I wanted to exchange my shirt for a larger size but they didn’t have any left. Probably not good for anyone after me since they only had smalls and mediums left and I had gotten there pretty much when they had opened. I guess Friday wiped them out. We stood in a line to get into the rundisney store, purchased a few things and then walked around the expo for a little bit. The booths were so close together it was ridiculous. You could barely move around. Andrea and I searched for the Fairy Godmother to get our fairy dust but alas we never found her. I have heard from multiple people that the expo is 10 times better when its at ESPN world wide of sports and I hope this is true because I was a little disappointed with the way it was set up. There was plenty of room for them to spread it out but they didn’t. There were random lines all over the place. I had no idea what was going on half of the time. However, I did get to see Sean Astin from Rudy, Goonies, 50 first dates, etc, etc. We were going to get in line to take a picture with him but we had just missed it. The line keeper said he wouldn’t be greeting anymore guests after the few left in line. Bummer. We also got to see Ali Vincent from The Biggest Loser speak so that was cool.






After the expo we headed back to my hotel to pick up Sergio and then we headed over to the Braves v Yankees spring training game. The game was fun. A little hot at times but there was a nice breeze. After the game I felt like I could go to bed but I knew if I napped I would probably be up all night so I fought it and watched some movies on lifetime before heading to dinner. We went to dinner later then I had wanted. We were going to have dinner somewhere in DTD but after seeing all of the traffic we decided it would be better just to go somewhere outside of the disney property. It ended up taking us about an hour just to get through the traffic so by the time we found somewhere to eat and head back it was already getting late. I got back to the room and got all of my stuff together figuring I would be tired and/or nervous in the morning and I didn’t want to forget anything. After being tired all day I was all of the sudden wide awake and could not fall asleep!! I ended up putting my phone down at around 10:30 after realizing that 2:45 am was right around the corner. The whole night I was sleeping lightly and kept thinking to myself ‘is it time? is it time?’ but I didn’t want to look at my phone. I was just going to wait for the alarm to go off. I was having a dream and then BAM my mind was like its time to go. Looked at my phone and it was 2:44.

To be continued…. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weekend recap: Disney Princess Half Expo

  1. I’m the slower 1/2 of Twins Run (@MalindaAnnHill) and I followed the #PrincessHalf tweets Friday morning so I was warned of the Expo madness. I expected the worst but was pleasantly surprised that packet pick-up took less than 10 minutes on Friday afternoon! The exhibitor area was still crowded, but manageable. Hopefully, runDisney will learn from the mistakes this year and make improvements next year! 🙂

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